Ridiculous Gambling Superstitions

Gambling Superstitions Players Swear By

Ridiculous Gambling SuperstitionsGambling is a game of chance, but for many players, luck is not just about randomness – it’s about superstition. From carrying lucky charms to performing rituals before a game, players around the world swear by a wide variety of gambling superstitions in the hopes of tipping the odds in their favor. While some of these superstitions have been passed down through generations, others are more unique and downright ridiculous. Here are some of the most ridiculous gambling superstitions that players swear by.


  1. Lucky Underwear: Some players believe that wearing a certain pair of underwear can bring them good luck at the casino. Whether it’s a specific color, style, or brand, these lucky undergarments are treated as a sacred talisman that must be worn for every gambling session to ensure a positive outcome.
  2. Blowing on the Dice: In games like craps, it’s a common superstition for players to blow on the dice before rolling them. This ritual is believed to ward off bad luck and ensure that the dice land in a favorable combination, leading to a winning throw.
  3. Crossing Fingers: Crossed fingers are a universal symbol of hope and good luck, and many players will cross their fingers while placing a bet or waiting for the outcome of a game. This simple gesture is believed to bring good fortune and increase the chances of winning.
  4. Avoiding the Number 13: The number 13 is often considered unlucky in many cultures, and some players will go to great lengths to avoid this number while gambling. Whether it’s skipping bets that involve the number 13 or avoiding sitting in the 13th seat at the blackjack table, players will do whatever it takes to steer clear of this unlucky digit.
  5. Lucky Rabbit’s Foot: Carrying a rabbit’s foot is a popular superstition believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Many players will keep a rabbit’s foot in their pocket or on their keychain while gambling, hoping that the mystical powers of the foot will lead to a winning streak.
  6. Tapping on the Table: In games like roulette, it’s a common superstition for players to tap on the table before placing their bets. This ritual is believed to awaken the spirits of luck and ensure that the player’s wagers are heard and accepted by the fates.
  7. Avoiding the Color Red: In some cultures, the color red is associated with bad luck and misfortune. As a result, some players will avoid betting on red numbers, using red chips, or even wearing red clothing while gambling in the belief that it will bring them bad luck.
  8. Lucky Charms: From four-leaf clovers to lucky coins, players often carry a variety of lucky charms with them while gambling. These talismans are believed to possess magical powers that can influence the outcome of games and attract good fortune to the player.
  9. Crossing Legs: Some players believe that crossing their legs while sitting at the gaming table can bring them good luck. This superstition is based on the idea that crossing one’s legs creates a barrier that keeps negative energy at bay and allows positive energy to flow freely, leading to a successful gambling session.
  10. Whispering to the Cards: In games like poker, it’s a common superstition for players to whisper words of encouragement or instructions to their cards in the hopes of improving their hand. By talking to their cards and building a personal connection with them, players believe they can influence the outcome of the game in their favor.
  11. Avoiding Whistling: Whistling while gambling is considered bad luck in many cultures, as it is believed to drive away the spirits of luck and invite misfortune. Some players will go so far as to leave the gaming table or change seats if they hear someone whistling nearby in order to avoid being affected by the bad luck.
  12. Kissing the Dice: In games like craps, some players believe that kissing the dice before rolling them can bring them good luck. By imbuing the dice with a kiss, players believe they can infuse them with positive energy and increase their chances of rolling a winning combination.
  13. Eating Specific Foods: Some players have superstitions about eating certain foods before or during a gambling session to bring them good luck. Whether it’s a particular fruit, candy, or meal, these lucky foods are believed to have magical properties that can enhance the player’s chances of success.
  14. Stepping Over Cracks: Stepping over cracks or lines on the floor is considered bad luck by some players, as it is believed to break the continuity of positive energy and invite misfortune. Players will go out of their way to avoid stepping on cracks while walking through the casino in the hopes of maintaining their luck.
  15. Using a Lucky Pen: Some players have a lucky pen that they use exclusively for signing betting slips, marking cards, or keeping score during games. This special pen is believed to possess good luck and bring positive energy to the player, increasing their chances of winning.
  16. Wearing Lucky Socks: Just like lucky underwear, some players swear by wearing a specific pair of lucky socks while gambling. Whether it’s a pair with a special pattern, color, or design, these lucky socks are believed to bring good fortune and success to the player during their gaming session.
  17. Avoiding Certain Words: Some players have superstitions about using certain words or phrases while gambling, believing that they can bring bad luck. Whether it’s avoiding words associated with loss, failure, or bad omens, players will carefully choose their language in the hopes of keeping the spirits of luck on their side.
  18. Holding a Special Key: Some players believe that holding a special key while gambling can unlock the secrets of luck and lead to a successful gaming session. This key is often kept on a keychain or necklace and carried with the player as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.
  19. Tossing Salt Over the Shoulder: In some cultures, tossing salt over one’s shoulder is believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. Some players will perform this ritual before placing a bet or beginning a game in the hopes of purifying the gaming space and attracting positive energy.
  20. Praying to Lady Luck: In the world of gambling, Lady Luck is a powerful deity believed to preside over games of chance and bestow her favor on those who show devotion and respect. Some players will offer prayers, incantations, or offerings to Lady Luck before playing in the hopes of receiving her blessing and winning big.

Gambling superstitions are a fascinating and sometimes absurd aspect of the casino world that players hold dear to their hearts. Whether it’s wearing lucky underwear, blowing on dice, or avoiding the color red, these rituals and beliefs are a way for players to feel in control of the unpredictable nature of gambling and create a sense of order and certainty in a world ruled by chance. While some may scoff at these superstitions as mere folly, for many players, they are an essential part of their gambling experience that adds an element of fun, mystery, and excitement to every game. So the next time you find yourself at the casino, consider adopting a few of these ridiculous gambling superstitions and see if they bring you the luck you’ve been seeking – after all, in the world of gambling, anything is possible!

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